Bosch Exxcel Washer Error Code E17 – Causes & Effective Solution

If you are seeing the error code E17 on your Bosch Exxcel Washer, then it means that the tank doesn’t have water. In this case, the machine won’t start washing. In some models, this error code reflects the F17 error.

Washing Machine

If your machine doesn’t have a display, then the two lit up indicators are an indication that you are getting this error.

As we have gone through what causes the error code e17, let’s start tweaking the parts that might be leading to this issue.

Filling Valve

When the valve doesn’t open to the extent as much as it is required to, then the tank will not get enough water to start the washing process. Thus, the error code e17 appears on the screen.

Pressure Switch

The pressure switch determines the amount of the water that is stored in the tank. If this part is not working as it should, then the tank might not get sufficient water to carry out its tasks.

Control Module

Control module handles the transmission of the signals. In case of its malfunction, the system can act according to a wrong signal. If there seems to be an issue with the control module, then you need to seek a professional’s help in this case.


You have to examine the machine for any wiring issues, because any issue in this regard can lead to this issue.


If the filter is dirty, it will disrupt the flow of water. Cleaning the filter is recommended.

Fill Valve Malfunction

In this case, turn off the machine and make sure the water supply is turned off. Locate the water inlet hose and dismantle it. Behind this hose, you will see the filler valve. Clean it thoroughly. To check the valve, follow these steps:

  • You need to remove the cover that is placed at the top of the washing machine.
  • To check the resistance of the valve coil, use a multimeter.
  • Thoroughly examine the wires around the valve.

If there seem to be issues with the valve, consider replacing it. In order to remove it, disconnect it from the wires and clamps.

Make sure to buy new clamps with the new valve. Also check the water level sensor, located opposite to the fill valve towards the right side.