Fix Gas Fireplace Pilot Won’t Stay Lit (Common Reasons Explained)

You have to be super cautious while handling any apparatus that wields electricity or gas at your homes. For example, electric heaters, gas stove or any gas fireplace. Correct handling is required by these appliances for their proper functioning.


If the handling is another way round, then numerous perilous impacts can be witnessed. If your gas fireplace doesn’t stay lit, then you have to check out the malfunctioning in the system.

There are certain hacks you can carry out yourself, incase, you are capable enough to handle them. Otherwise, grab the phone and give a call to a professional fireplace mending company.

The sensitive subjects like gas fireplace, furnaces are secure when they are established and sustained by the professional. Following the opposite route can make you victims of gas leakage, fire and explosions etc.

Most Common Reasons for Fireplace Pilot Not Staying Lit

There are numerous reasons that contribute to the futility of your gas fireplace.

When you bump up on the trouble-shooting operation, first have a check on the ignition system. This system is different depending upon the model of fireplace. It is comprised of pilot light, thermocouple or thermopile etc.

Have an insight into the proper functioning of the pilot lighting. In most cases, it is the pilot that is the initiator of the whole malfunctioned process i.e. it doesn’t let your gas fireplace stay lit.

Several factors that contribute to the breakdown of pilot lighting include:


Thermocouple is a tiny metal piece that works as a safety appliance. Once thermocouple gets heated up, it sets off the gas through the gas valve towards the pilot light.

If thermocouple is not working properly, then the gas supply may be obstructed, thus, stopping your gas fireplace from igniting.

Drip Loop

Drip Loop may also cause certain malfunctioning in the process of ignition. A drip loop is a junction in the system, specially designed to confine the extra moisture. It is possible that drip loop may allow extra amount of moisture, thus, making the gas subjected to be intermingled with the moisture.

The intensity of the gas is lowered due to the ratio of moisture it, hence, leading to a distorted process of lighting.

Malfunctioning in the Wall Switch

Thermocouple and Thermopile have a direct connection to the wall switch. When your wall switch is turned over, it allows the transmission of current that allows the induction of flames.

Sometimes, less voltage is supplied to the wall switch due to the inhibited connection, dirt coverage or any other tarnished contacts. The current path problem can be detected with the help of professionals. Try not to figure it out by yourselves.

Gas Valve

Gas Valve is the last concerning option if you want to fix up the problem that why your gas fireplace won’t stay lit. Although, a faulty gas valve case is not usually reported but chances are there for its occurrence.

It is usually recommended to call out the professionals when such a distortion is to be figured out. It can be detected through the involvement of visual interpretation.

Choked Burner

Choked Burner may be another source of faulty ignition system in the gas fireplace. It often happens that the fire in the gas fireplace is not supported by sufficient background gas. Flame can appear in different color indicating the intensity of the gas.

The burner is comprised of tiny pores, which allow the smooth flow of gas. If the gas fireplace won’t stay lit, it may be deduced that the pores are obstructed with dirt particles. You need to clean up the pores with the help of air compressor.


No doubt, troubleshooting requires effort on your part. It is based on your deep insight into the problem.

The basic step is to identify the faulty cause, the rest of the repairing procedure has to be handed over to the experts. The experts can make your gas fireplace to stay lit!