GE Profile Dishwasher Not Draining? Here’s How to Fix it

If your GE Profile dishwasher is not draining, don’t panic. There are a variety of reasons why this could be happening and we’ve outlined the most common causes along with solutions!

Although GE appliances are known for their high quality, even high-end appliances are prone to breakdown and abnormal issues.

If you own a GE Profile dishwasher for quite a long time, chances are that you might have experienced its not draining issue.

GE Profile Dishwasher Not Draining – Causes and Solutions

In most cases, the cause of your GE Profile dishwasher not draining is not that serious and you can fix it yourself.

# 1: Dishwasher’s Pump Not Working Effectively

If you have put too many dishes in your GE Profile dishwasher, its pump might stop working. Another reason could be forceful vibration caused by harder items such as dishes with metal handles.

In order to fix this issue, you need to see if your dishwasher agitator is damaged or broken down, or if it can’t rotate properly.

If it is broken down, then you need to replace it immediately.

# 2: Drain Hose of Dishwasher Flooded because of Clogging

If your GE Profile dishwasher gets clogged, it won’t drain the water.

To fix this issue, you must unblock it first and then try to drain the water again.

In order not to have any issues with your dishwasher, you might want to clean up your drain hose regularly.

# 3: Faulty Drain Pump

If the drain pump is faulty, it won’t be able to drain the residual water.

Since this requires technical expertise, I would recommend calling a GE technician to replace the drain pump on your GE Profile dishwasher for you.

# 4: Faulty Drain Solenoid Valve

The drain solenoid valve malfunctioning can cause your GE Profile dishwasher to not drain the water.

Again, the replacement of the drain solenoid valve is not something that you should do yourself, and I would recommend calling a technician for this job!

# 5: Not Enough Water Pressure

Although every GE Profile dishwasher comes with a water inlet valve, still you should check whether there is enough pressure of water or not.

In order to fix the problem, you need to adjust the water pressure.

# 6: Drain Hose is Broken

If your GE Profile dishwasher drain hose is broken and ineffective for draining the water out from the dishwasher, it can cause draining problems.

Therefore, you should change the hose or fix it properly as soon as possible.

# 7: Filter is Full of Food Particles

If your dishwasher filter is full of food particles, it can cause the issue draining problems.

Therefore, you need to clean or replace the filter as soon as possible in order to get rid of this problem.


In many cases, the not draining problem with GE Profile dishwashers is caused by a faulty drain pump impeller, less water pressure, air gap clogging, faulty solenoid valve, or an ineffective pump.

These issues can be fixed by changing the part or replacing it with a new one. However, if you cannot do this task on your own and need the help of a professional plumber or technician to fix it efficiently, feel free to contact us.