How to Easily Fix LG Dishwasher Error Code E1

Error code E1 on LG dishwashers generally reflects that there is some leakage problem in your appliance. However worry not as this can be troubleshooted very easily.

In some ways, the error code E1 is similar to AE one as both normally relates to leakages. There are number of reasons behind this error code and we will explain all of them with effective solutions to fix it.

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Causes of E1 Error Code

Of all the various factors that could cause the triggering of E1 error code on LG dishwashers, some of the most prominent ones are:

  • Improper installation of drain hose
  • Problem with sump motors
  • Issues with the float assembly
  • Leakage in the door
  • Adding excessive detergent or non-compatible detergent

Methods to fix it

Now that we are aware of the causes that are responsible for e1 error code in first place, let’s look at solutions to fix them once and for all.

Method # 1: Fixing the Installation of Drain Hose

If the drain hose is not properly installed or positioned, it will cause leakage of excess water and led to display screen showing the error code. Fortunately, if the error is due to improper installation of drain hose, the error will be gone if you remove the drain hose and install it is again properly.

Method # 2: Load the Dishes Properly

It is very important for the cleaning and rinsing of the dishes are properly loaded in the LG dishwasher. If they are not, then while the dishes will not be cleaned, it might led to e1 error code.

Method # 3: Check for the Detergent Used

Most of the people are unaware of the fact that there are special detergents for dishwashers and if you go with the wrong one, it will cause suds and won’t wash the dishes properly. Besides, if there are more suds, e1 error code will be shown and it will not operate anymore unless the error is fixed.

Final Words

In conclusion, while there are multiple reasons that could cause E1 error code in LG dishwashers, it is now learnt that this error can be fixed easily.