Samsung Dishwasher Error Code 7E – Causes and Easy Solution

First of all, you need to clear the misconception between the error codes 7E and E7 (both appear on Samsung Dishwashers).


The 7E error code usually displays on the screen after the washing cycle has been started and it indicates an issue with the WaterWall system of the machine, which means that the machine is having an issue with the proper distribution of water during the washing cycle.

On the other hand, the E7 error code is an implication of a faulty thermostat.

Causes of the E7 Error Code

Issues with the WaterWall system, meaning that the water is not distributed properly across the tank.

This system is efficient in thoroughly cleaning all the dishes, as in the older models, the dishes present in the middle were not effectively cleaned.

So, in case of a malfunctioning WaterWall system, the culprit might be one of these components:

  • Motor
  • Sensor
  • Disperser

Fixing the Error Code 7E

Start by restarting the dishwasher for almost 10-15 minutes. This helps if the error had been caused due to a glitch. If this doesn’t work, proceed by following the steps given below:

  1. Open the dishwasher and see if there are any usual objects like a knife for instance, that might be disturbing the flow of water. Take it out and run a test cycle.
  2. Next, locate the disperser and make sure that it is fixed correctly in its place. If the sign of the WaterWall system is upright, it means that there are no issues with the disperser.
  3. If the sprinkler is causing this issue, you will probably hear unusual sounds during the washing cycle.
  4. Once you have checked these parts, locate the sensor and examine its contacts. Also, clean it thoroughly. Consider replacing it if it is in a bad state. You can check its credibility by using a multimeter to check its detector.
  5. A malfunctioning electric engine can also lead to the display of this error code. For this reason, you will have to remove the bottom bar of the machine by opening its door. There, you will find the electric engine. Check it with a multimeter
  6. If it seems to be malfunctioning, replace it.

Hopefully this guide has helped you in getting rid of the error code 7E.