How to Fix Samsung Dryer Not Spinning Problem

It has been experienced by Samsung dryer owners that they put their clothes in it and notice that the dryer isn’t spinning. There are some causes that lead to this issue.


By inspecting some of the parts of your Samsung dryer, you can easily get rid of this issue by yourself.

A broken drive belt, problem with the motor, or a problematic drum roller or an idler pulley – one of these parts might be causing this issue, but like the heating issue, this can be fixed easily as well.

Causes and Solution to Fix Samsung Dryer Not Spinning Problem

The best way to start fixing this is to inspect these parts one by one to figure out the problematic part.

Drive Belt

A faulty drive belt can most likely cause this issue. The drive belt is located around the dryers drum. If this belt has been used for a very long time, then it might need to be replaced.

If you come to the conclusion that the drive belt is faulty, then you must replace it.

To replace the belt, you have to find the drive belt that is compatible with your dryer. With the dryer’s model number, you can find the right drive belt.

Refer to your Samsung Dryer user’s manual when installing the new drive belt.

Drum Rollers or Axles

In order to support the drum in the dryers, rollers are placed alongside them. If the rollers aren’t working the way they are supposed to be, you have to replace them.

If you notice any squeaking voices while the dryer is operating, you are probably looking at faulty drum rollers. The problem might be the axles as well, so make sure to check the axles as well.

If that is the case, make sure to replace the drum rollers to get rid of this problem.

Idler Pulley

Idler pulley is responsible for keeping the drum belt in its place. If this pulley doesn’t perform its work properly, you are likely to experience the problem of the dryer not spinning.

This problem too can be identified by listening to the dryer when it’s operating. If there are any strange sounds, then the drum rollers might need replacement.

Drum Bearing

In some dryers, drum bearings are situated at the back of the drum. In order to inspect the drum bearings, you have to access the drum by removing the dryer belt.

Once you have done that, then you have to manually turn the drum and see if you can do this easily or not. Or you can simply listen to the dryer while it’s operating to diagnose this problem. In the case of the drum bearings, the sound will be clear.

If the drum makes sounds while turning, then the bearings might be in the need of a replacement.

Drum Glide/Slide

The drum glides are made up of plastic and are placed at the front of the drum to make the rotation of the drum smooth. The drum glide can wear out with time and usage.

In the case of worn out drum glides, you have to replace them immediately as these can become a burden on the motor. You should inspect the drum glides and replace them if they are worn out.

Drive Motor

The drive motor is the part that makes the drum spin and powers the blower wheel. You should inspect the blower wheel as well. If it seems fine, then you are probably looking at the case of a faulty drive motor.

If the drive motor is malfunctioning, then you have to find the compatible drive motor for your dryer, with the help of your dryer’s model number.


Samsung is well known in terms of its electronic devices. But in the case of any electronic device, they are prone to causing problems. If you are experiencing the spinning issue with a Samsung ‘s dryer, inspect the aforementioned part as per instructed guidelines.