Siemens Dishwasher Error Code E01 – How to Fix it

If you are witnessing the error code E01 on your Siemens Dishwasher machine, you are probably looking at an issue with the machine’s heating element. This leads to the water not being heated properly.


Causes of Error Code E01

First of all, you should restart the machine as this error can be caused due to a glitch in the system. This error is displayed due to these causes:

  • Problematic heating element.
  • Malfunctioning thermostat.
  • Issues with the heating element’s connections.

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Troubleshooting the Error Code E01

In order to start fixing this error, we have to start by examining the heating element. Follow these steps in order to do so:

  • Turn off the machine and disassemble the trays and the baskets. Flip the machine and remove the back panel in order to access the pump.
  • Remove the pump and take out the heating element.
  • Check the wirings and the contacts of the heating element. Tighten the loosened wires. If there still seems to be the issue with the you have to replace it.