Siemens Dishwashing Machine Error Code E04 – Causes and Solution

If your Siemens dishwasher is displaying the error code E04, it is indicating that there is an issue with the water-level sensor. These sensors regulate the flow of water that passes through the nozzles.


This error can also be caused due to the clogging of the nozzles, which results in opposing the flow of water. It also leads to some other issues as well. So, you have to clean this component thoroughly.

Fixing the Error Code E04

Start by rebooting the machine and run it after almost 10 minutes. If this doesn’t fix the issue, then you need to locate the nozzles and clean them.

Disassemble the nozzles of the machine and clean them thoroughly. Cleaning the nozzles with a toothpick is very effective.

Once you have cleaned the nozzles, connect them back and run the machine again. You should clean the nozzles, filter and the hosepipe of your machine regularly.

If you are still getting the error after cleaning the nozzles, then you need to check the flow sensor. Once you have located it, clean the wires and the contacts surrounding it.

Check the sensor’s credibility with a multimeter. In case of any issues, you should consider replacing it. The sensor can be bought at a cheap price.

Hopefully these steps help you in getting rid of the error code E04.