LG Dishwasher Error Code NE (Try these 4 PROVEN Fixes)

The appearance of error code NE on the LG dishwasher indicates a problem with the Vario motor or micro switch, a switch that is responsible for signaling the position of the motor to the main board.

Please note that the procedure to fix error code NE is different from error code AE.

Cause of NE Error Code on LG Dishwashers

Basically in LG dishwashers, the water is redirected from the lower wash arms to the upper wash arms (back and forth) every 90 seconds, the motor and the switch are responsible for this task.

When the main board does not receive the signal that tells the main board that the position of the micro switch has changed, the error code NE is displayed.

Solutions to Fix Error Code NE on LG Dishwashers

Like with all such errors, most of the time they appears because of some small issue that can be easily fixed by turning Off/On your dishwasher.

If the error still persists, then try the below-mentioned methods:

Fix # 1: Check the Wiring

Turn off the dishwasher.

Follow the wires to the microswitch and the motor. Make sure that these wires are connected firmly.

Fix # 2: Check Vario Motor for Fault

If you have checked the wires and there seem to be no issue in them, then follow these steps:

Disconnect the wires first. Measure the resistance of the motor through multimeter. It should show about 4000(Ohms). If the resistance shown is infinite, you should replace the electric motor.

Fix # 3: Check Main-Board for Damaged Wiring

If both the wiring and Vario motor of your LG dishwasher is intact and still getting error code NE, then you should examine the main board of the dishwasher.

Look for damaged wire tracks and fix them. Take a look at the parts, see if they are damaged.

Fix # 4: Resistance of Diverter Switch

If none of the above solutions above works, then you should measure the resistance of the micro switch.