Troubleshooting Rinnai Tankless Water Heater Error Code 11

Error Code 11 on Rinnai tankless water heaters means there is no ignition in the heater, which could be due to several reasons.

What Causes No Ignition Error Code 11?

Before we proceed with methods to fix the ignition error on Rinnai heaters, I feel it is important to have some knowledge about the root causes of this problem.

One the major reasons that led to ignition problems on Rinnai heaters is the blockage or interruption in supply of gas to the heater. If the gas supply is perfect, then the issue is with the heater itself – either its wiring, switches, thermocouple or circuit problems.

As a result of non-ignition, your Rinnai tankless water heater will go cold, and won’t serve the purpose.

Steps to Fix Error Code 11 on Rinnai Heater

Step # 01: First of all, check for any visible damage on your Rinnai heater. If you observe any damage to heater part, you must contact the Rinnai support in your area to get it repaired or replaced if it is under warranty.

Step # 02: If there is no visible damage to the heater, carefully check the burner of the heater. Make sure it is clean from any debris and dirt, and wiring corrections are intact.

Step # 03: Check if the igniter is generating spark. If it is not generating spark, then check for loose connection or damaged element. Also verify if correct voltages are fed to the unit during the ingition process. Also ensure that there is no carbon buildup around the igniter and is totally clean.

Step # 04: If igniter does generates spark, but still the heater is not turning on, then problem lies with gas supply. Either the gas pressure is too low, or there is air inside the gas line. In case of air, you would be required to purge the air from gas line. We highly recommend to call for qualified plumber to do this step for you.

Hopefully this guide would have helped you in troubleshooting Error Code 11 on your Rinnai water heater.