Fix Bosch Dishwasher Water Tap Error

The water tap error in Bosch Dishwasher can be result of the problems in the water level sensor and the inlet valve. This issue becomes an obstacle in the way of gaining water in the dishwasher and the proper cleaning of dishes.

‘E3 error code’ is an indication that there is an issue related to water gaining in the machine. So the main two causes for this problem are:

  • Filling Valve
  • Water Level Sensor

First of all, we will check the water level sensor and see if it is causing this issue.

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Fixing Water Level Sensor

Water Level Sensor is located under the cover of dishwasher. It is a small but a vital part of the dishwasher. Its main task is to control the amount of water that flows through the machine.

So, the main reason for the water level sensor getting damaged might be due to a short circuit (as the water level sensor performs some of its functions as an electronic controller). It can also be due to the water being dirty or it can be due to mechanical fault. You should not waste your time in repairing it, if you see one of these anomalies in the water level sensor, you should buy a new one.

Fixing Filling Valve

Once you have checked the water level sensor, you should head to filling valve. The filling valve is actually a water supply valve. When it is open, water passes through it towards the dishwasher. When the water is no more required to enter the machine, the valve is closed.

So for this valve to open and close at the specific time, means that it is connected to another part of the dishwasher that signals it to open and close at a particular time. So, first all of all, you should look for a fault in its arrangement or layout. It might have lost contact or it can also be due to a power failure.

Similar to the water level sensor, filling valve can also get damaged due to a short circuit. So you need not to spend your time in repairing it, rather you should opt to buy a new one. This should definitely fix the water tap error for you.

Other Parts Responsible for Error

To address the water tap error in the Bosch Dishwasher, you should also check these parts to ensure that you get rid of this problem completely. Check out these parts listed below:

  • Distribution sensor
  • Control module
  • Leak in the valve
  • Water is absent in the pipes

If you have any question or still finding it difficult to fix water tap error on your Bosch dishwasher, please let us know!