How to Fix Samsung Washer Error Code UB

If your Samsung washing machine ever displays the UB error code, it’s because there is an imbalanced load on the machine, or the washer itself is not properly levelled.

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The way a washing machine works is by rotating the clothes in a circular drum, which shakes the dirt and enables the detergent to thoroughly clean every garment.

Also, the spinning of the drum helps to drain any extra moisture from the laundry at the end of the washing process.

Therefore, for the washer to operate effectively, the load inside the drum must be balanced, or the weight must be spread evenly to allow the drum to spin steadily.

Samsung Washer UB Error Code: Causes and Solutions

Let’s explore the possible causes and solutions for Samsung washer UB error code.

Unbalanced Laundry Load

The UB error code can be caused on by your Samsung washing machine being overloaded or underloaded.

The unbalance error code may also appear if there are too many clothes in the tub and the machine struggles to turn or agitate them.

In contrast, if there is not enough clothing in the tub, the garments will slide to one side of the tub, which will lead to an imbalance in the drum.

Washer Balanced Load


If you believe either of these to be the cause of your UB error code, either take something off or put something on to balance the load. When you do this, your washer will hopefully start working again.

Besides this, clothing with strings or shoelaces that get trapped in the drum or agitator can also result in UB error.

To prevent this from happened, use a bag that can be washed in the machine, or tie the strings so they can’t tangle with the washer’s agitator.

Unbalanced Samsung Washer

The UB error number can also display if your washer is not level. It must be level in order for the washing machine to operate properly.

The floor in your laundry room might not be completely level. Another possibility is that the machine is moved to an uneven surface.

Level Legs of Washer

If the washer isn’t level, it can go out of balance, which would result in the UB error code.


Start by making sure that the area of the floor where your Samsung washer is placed is completely level.

Then, using a wrench, make the necessary adjustments to each leg under the washer to ensure that it is exactly level.

You might need a spirit level to measure the washer’s balance for the accurate results.

Damaged Suspension Rods

Samsung top-loading washing machines are dependent on suspension rods to maintain the drum’s ideal balance.

Unfortunately, prolonged use and regular strain can lead to suspension rods breaking.

Even if one doesn’t work, the remaining ones will maintain the drum suspended, although in an extremely uneven manner. The UB error code is triggered by this situation as well.


This needs to be fixed by changing the broken suspension rod. This means that in order to access the present rods and spot any damaged ones, you should take off the external panels.

You will notice a suspension rod in each corner once you have opened the washer.

As a result, you will need to replace the damaged suspension rod with a new one.

Broken Shock Absorbers

The shock absorbers on front-loading Samsung washers are responsible for maintaining the drum’s balance.

The main cause of shock absorber failure is severe damage from use. After the machine has been in operation for a very long time, it will most likely occur.

Since broken shock absorbers cannot be fixed, they must be completely replaced.


In order to replace it, you should remove the entire front panel of Samsung washer to gain access to the shock absorbers in your Samsung front-loading washer.

Then, you’ll have to remove the bolts holding the shock absorbers in place before you can remove the front panel.

Finally, install the replacement pieces and fasten them using the same bolts that you had previously removed.

Faulty Drive Belt

Rubber pulleys connect the washer’s motor to the tub or drum through the drive belt, which runs along them.

The drive belt transmits power from the motor of the washing machine to its other components. The drive belt is often found between the motor and the drum.

This belt might break over time, which would make it more likely to slip when in use and lead to an imbalanced load. Therefore, the washer may become out of balance if the drive belt is damaged or not functioning properly, which will result in the UB error code.


Here’s how to replace the damaged drive belt:

  1. The drive belt replacement process is straightforward and doesn’t take more than 30 minutes.
  2. Remove the washer’s plug first from the power supply.
  3. Depending on the washer model, remove the front or back access panel to access the drum and belt system.
  4. Next, loosen the motor to remove the belt’s tension.
  5. Replace the belt by manually removing it from the drum and introducing a new belt through pulleys.
  6. Make the necessary belt alignment adjustments.
  7. Test the washer after reassembly.


If your Samsung washer displays a UB error code, avoid forcing the washer to run with an unbalanced wash drum or an uneven load. Also, either distribute the clothing equally or run a few empty loads before restarting the machine.

After balancing the load, UB error codes typically disappear on their own.

However, if you consistently receive a UB error code when you switch on the washer, there is certainly a technical issue and you need to contact a service specialist.

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