How to Fix Error Code SE on Samsung Washing Machine

5E or SE error code on Samsung washers/washing machines is related to drainage system, and it does occur quite frequently, especially if you do not take care of your appliance.

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Just like how frequent it occurs, fixing SE error code on Samsung washing machine is very easy, and does not require any technical knowledge.

Please note that error code SE and error code 5E, both are same. It’s just that they look identical when appears on the Samsung washer display.

What Causes Error Code SE or 5E on Samsung Washers?

Before we proceed with methods to fix it, it is ideal to understand what triggers this error code.

Only after proper understanding of the causes, you would be able to better and effectively troubleshoot your Samsung washing machine.

The main cause of error code SE/5E is the drainage problem. Since this error appears when the washer has finished the washing cycle and about to start the rinse cycle, it means the problem is with drain of soapy water.

So basically, we are looking at drainage problem with the dirty water that has been used in the washing cycle.

This could be due to:

  • Clogging of drain filter.
  • Drain pump malfunctioning.
  • Blockage in the drain filter.

It is to mention that your Samsung washing machine calculates the time for water drainage based on the quantity of clothes you put in it.

When all the water is not drained in that time, your washer will display SE or 5E error code on the display.

Methods to Fix Error Code SE or 5E on Samsung Washers

Now that we are clearly aware of the causes of error code SE or 5E on Samsung washing machine, let’s discuss the methods to fix it at home yourself.

#1: Clear the Drainage Pump Filter

If the drainage pump filter is too dirty or occupied, it would not let full drainage of water.

Check your Samsung washing machine drainage pump, and if it is too dirty, better replace it with new one.

To clean the filter, follow below steps:

  1. Look for energy drain hose, which should be at the right bottom of the washer.
  2. Open it, and then remove the plug from the hose.
  3. Check the inside pipe for dirt or debris that can clause clogging.

#2: Reset Samsung Washing Machine

If cleaning the filter or hose does not fix the error code SE, it may be fantom error.

In that case, it is recommended to reset your Samsung washer by turning it off, unplugging from the socket for about 15 to 20 minutes and then turning it ON again.

Hopefully, after following aforementioned methods, you will be able to get rid of SE/5E error code on your Samsung washing machine.