Fix beko Dishwasher Not Draining Water

So your beko dishwasher is not draining water and you are worried?

Well, this is not a major problem and there is no need to worry about it. Thanks to simple solutions that you can implement to fix the water drainage issue of your beko dishwasher.

Before we proceed with solutions, it is very important to be educated about the possible reasons behind the water drainage. The water drainage is mainly caused when there is a clog, which may be because of various reasons including but not limited to: air gap, check valve or garbage disposer.

Now that you know what could be the possible reason behind nondrain issue of Beko dishwasher, let’s find out the solutions to fix this problem once and for all.

Beko Dishwasher Not Draining Water Problems

There are basically three methods that you can use to fix the water draining problems of your beko dishwasher.

Solution # 1: Drain the Solenoid

The function of the drain solenoid valve is to open the drain valve that allows water removal from the dishwasher.

Check for drain solenoid valve, which if faulty, would not let the opening of beko dishwasher drain.

Solution # 2: Checkout the Check Valve

Check valve is responsible for not allowing water to return after it has been drained.

If it is stuck, ensure its proper cleaning or replacement.

Please remember to buy only the genuine beko check valve if your current one is beyond repair, otherwise, the dishwasher won’t work and the warranty may be revoked as well.

Solution # 3: Check Garbage Disposer

Ensure that the garbage disposer is properly installed on your beko dishwasher.

Remember that the new disposer comes with a plug at the drain tube which is to be removed before use. This is a very common mistake committed by new dishwasher users.

In case you are still facing draining problems with your beko dishwasher, please consult the authorized dealer you bought the dishwasher from to claim a warranty (if it is under) or get it repaired.