Fix: GE Washer Not Draining Water or Won’t Spin

In this guide, we will explain the reasons that cause GE washing machine to not drain water or spin along with solutions to fix it.

If you own GE washing machine for quite long time, you might have experienced multiple instances when your GE washer won’t drain the water or sometime it won’t even spin. However, let me tell you that this issue can be easily fixed and even you can do it yourself!


However, before we proceed with solutions, it is important to first know the causes of these issues.

Causes of GE Washer Not Draining or Spinning Issue

Basically, if your GE washing machine is not draining, it is because of a large amount of sud in the drum. It can also be due to drain pump problem or even a clog in the internal hose.

Sometimes, it is because of a wrong setting, which governs your GE washing machine as well.

It is important to diagnose the issue properly before taking any kind of action in order to avoid further damage. But, how can you diagnose it properly? Let’s take a look at the below-given points:

Find out the problem by checking out through various settings in the washer. For example, if something is wrong with coin mechanism or control panel, then there won’t be any water inside the drum in spin cycle but it will drain the water while in the drain cycle.

So, if you observe that the washer is draining and not spinning, then most likely the problem lies with coin mechanism or control panel. If you are sure that there is no issue with coin mechanism and control panel, then check out whether your GE washing machine has an H/E error code displayed on the front panel. If it does, then the problem lies with your drain pump or internal hose.

You can easily find out whether there is no clog inside the hose by taking out that hose and using a hair dryer to blow hot air into that hose. Once you do this, check if water is draining down your sink or not. This will help you to understand whether there is a clog or not.

If you are sure that the problem isn’t with your drain pump, then unplug your washing machine and check if any other washing machine exists in the same circuit. If it does exist, then most likely both of them have problems with their control panels. In this case, you will need to replace the control panel in both of those washers. However, if no such washing machine exists, then unplug your GE washer and restart it after 10 minutes. If it drains the water now, then most likely there is a problem with its coin mechanism or control panel.

This concludes how you can properly diagnose the issue of your GE washing machine since its various causes.

Now, it’s time to check out some of the most popular solutions for this issue:

Solutions to Fix GE Washer Not Draining Issue

If you are using a drain pump filter in your laundry room, then you will need to clean that filter at regular basis. Also, if your GE washer’s drain pump is more than 5 years old, then you will need to replace it with a new one.

If hot water is coming out from the bottom of the front door or at bottom of drum while draining cycle, then check to make sure that the drain hose is not kinked or damaged. It will block the water from draining down the sink.

If you have checked out anything else, then it’s high time that you reset your GE washer.

Solution to Fix GE Washer Won’t Spin Issue

If your GE washing machine won’t spin, then most likely it is due to a build-up of sud in the drum or an issue with its drain pump. If there is a large amount of sediments inside the washing machine, then you will need to remove them first by using a cleaning agent that will help dissolve those sediments and then refix it again.

Another possible causes of spinning problem can be broken belt or broken seal. But if you are sure that the problem isn’t with your belt and seal, then check out whether there is any clog in the internal hose or something is wrong with coin mechanism or control panel of your GE washing machine.

If faucet is not fully opened, then this will also cause problems while spinning cycle. To avoid this, make sure that faucet is opened fully so there won’t be any clog.

Also, check out whether the drain hose is connected properly to the washing machine. Sometimes, if it is not connected properly, then it will cause trouble while spinning a cycle.


To conclude, there are various reasons why GE washing machine won’t drain or spin. So, if you find your washer is not draining the water during spin cycle then most likely it has a problem with its coin mechanism or control panel which will require servicing.

However, if your GE washer won’t drain the water at all, then it is due to a clog in the drain hose. Again, if the spinning cycle is not working properly on your GE washing machine and it is taking too much time or making too much noise, then most likely there is something wrong with its belt or seal. So, you will need to get this fixed as soon as possible.

If you are still facing any problem with your GE washing machine, then you contact us and we will help you fix your issue ASAP!