How to Fix LG Washer DE Code

The DE error code on LG Washer implies that the door was not locked properly. In the case of LG Washers that do not have a display, DE code is indicated by the simultaneous blinking of ‘Temperature’, ‘Wash’ and ‘Rinse’ indicators.

DE code is easy to fix just like uE error code, once you know the causes of that lead to this issue.

Causes of Error Code DE:

The error code DE could be due to one of these reasons:

  • Malfunctioning Door Latch
  • Malfunctioning Door Lock Assembly
  • Bent Door Hinges

Solutions for the Error Code DE:

Following are some of the solutions that you can apply to get rid of this error code.

Restart the Machine:

  • The first thing that you should do in this case is to plug off your LG washer.
  • Let it rest for 10 minutes or so.
  • While holding down the Start/Pause button for at least 5 seconds, plug the washer back.
  • Make sure the door is locked properly.
  • Run a test cycle.

Malfunctioning Door Latch or Door Lock Assembly:

If either of these two components of the washer do not perform their task properly, it will lead to the error code DE on your LG Washer. The door lock assembly checks if the door of the washer is properly closed or not before allowing the washer to proceed with its washing cycle. This is why, if there’s an issue with this component, you are likely to see the DE error code.

Here’s how you can check if both of these parts are working properly or not.

  • Open the washer’s door and inspect the latch carefully. It should be movable and in its place. Try pulling it sideways to check its validity.
  • Next, inspect the door lock assembly. Make sure that the connection between the door latch and the control board is intact.
  • In case of a faulty door latch or door lock assembly, replace them.

Faulty Door Strike:

In case of a faulty door strike, replace it with a new one.

Bent Door Hinges:

If the alignment of the door does not seem alright, then it might be due to bent hinges. These hinges have to be put back into their places. Try to do so, but if you can’t, then consider replacing them with new ones.

These were some of the solutions for the Error Code DE on LG Washers. Hopefully, your issues gets resolved as soon as possible.

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