How to Reset GE Washer in 3 Easy Steps

In this guide, you will learn an easy method of resetting your GE washing machine yourself with ease.

Is your GE washing machine not draining or stuck on spin cycle or is it not turning on? In any case, the first remedy that we recommend to everyone in such situations is to reset your GE washer. But how? Is it easy to do yourself? Absolutely YES!

When Do you Need to Reset your GE Washer?

If your GE washing machine is not turning on and you suspect that it’s the power supply cord or the outlet, then you can use this reset method to clear any problems with these areas.


The same goes for if your GE washer is stuck in a spin cycle and there’s no change after stopping the wash program.

Also, some users have reported that resetting their washers have helped solve issues with an error code. If you’re having problems with your GE washing machine, try our method to reset your GE washer to solve the problem, but make sure that it’s not something more serious.

3 Easy Steps to Reset GE Washing Machine

Step 1 – Unplug the Machine from Mains Power Source

Without turning off the power at the circuit breaker, unplug your machine from wall outlet. You can use either cord or just disconnect it at the back of the washer if you have a door that opens up and allows access.

Step 2 – Hold down the Start / Pause button for 10 seconds

After unplugging your machine, open it and take out any laundry that you might have put in. If there isn’t any, then don’t panic because you can reset GE washer without putting any clothes inside.

Once opened, you will find a panel with buttons, indicator lights and a start / pause button. Hold down the Start / Pause button for about 10 seconds and release it. This will reset GE washer and get it ready to run again.

You can now add laundry that you had taken out of the machine in Step 1.

Step 3 – Press Power Button to turn on washing

After resetting the machine, press the power button. Your GE machine will start by filling up with water and then go into normal cycle mode. So now you can close it and let it run as usual.

It may take a little while before your GE washer completes its cycle but be patient because this is a standard procedure for all reset washing machine.


The instructions for resetting a GE washing machine are easy and straightforward. If you follow these guidelines, then your GE washer will be back to working condition in no time!

If you need expert assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us!