LG Dishwasher Error Code AE (3 QUICK Methods to FIX it)

If you are getting error code AE on your LG dishwasher, it most probably means that your dishwasher is leaking. This is because the AE error code is triggered when the control circuits in the LG dishwasher detect any leakage.

Since the leakage may be due to multiple reasons, only finding the cause first will lead to fixing this error. How? Let’s find out!

Causes of Error Code AE on LG Dishwashers

First and foremost, we should pay attention to the manufacturer’s official information, which states that error code AE on the LG dishwashers mostly occurs due to excessive foaming in the dishwasher tub. This occurs when users use the wrong or un-recommended type of detergent or the quantity is too much.

Secondly, this error code may be due to some other reasons as well which include: a breach in the tub, a drainage problem in the drain motor, or the problem with the hose which is located at the bottom of the dishwasher.

How to Fix Error Code AE on LG Dishwashers

So we have learn that overall, the presence of error code AE on LG dishwasher means that there is leakage related problem which may be due to multiple reasons. So let’s now proceed with fixing this error code.

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Method # 1: Check for Broken Hose & Replace

First of all, check for the hose at the bottom of your LG dishwasher.

If you see any visible damage or its seal is broken, it might well be the cause of the error code ae because a broken hose obstructs the water flow, thus leaving some water in the tub. So get the hose replaced immediately.

Method # 2: Treat the Rubber Seals

If the pump seals are faulty, there will be gaps that would lead to the movement of water to the bottom panel. This results in an error code ae.

Further, it can do irreparable damage to your dishwasher, and then it won’t turn on.

So if you see any problem or damage to the rubber seal contacts, get them treated to fix this problem.

Method # 3: Checking the Water Leakage Prevention System

Almost all the dishwashers have sophisticated water leakage prevention system at the bottom. So if it detects small amount of water, it triggers the error code and stops dishwasher from further operation until and unless the problem is resolved.

Since this circuit is at the bottom of the dishwasher, there is the possibility that some moisture might have accumulated in that circuit which might have caused the problem. So check this out and if there is presence of water there, you may solve it.


In conclusion, we have covered multiple causes of error code AE on LG dishwasher, followed by 3 solutions to get rid of these issues to fix the error code AE.

Feel free to let us know if you are still not able to fix the aforementioned error code.