LG Dishwasher Error Code AE (3 QUICK Methods to FIX it)

If you are getting error code AE on your LG dishwasher, it most probably means that your dishwasher is leaking. This is because the AE error code is triggered when the control circuits in the LG dishwasher detect any leakage.

This guide explains 3 proven fixes to troubleshoot error code AE on LG dishwashers.

LG Dishwasher Error Code AE

When your LG dishwasher display error code AE, do this: First restart your dishwasher. If this does not help, then check the if the hose is broken. Also inspect the rubber seals and water leakage prevention system.

If your dishwasher is under warranty, the easiest solution would be to contact LG support and ask for advice. Unfortunately, opening your dishwasher will void its warranty in most cases, so leave it as a last option.

Check Dishwasher Sump

Check the sump of your LG dishwasher for any blockage. It is in the bottom of the tub.

If you see any water standing there, it may be due to debris or food particles.

Clean it with baking soda and vinegar solution and see if it resolves the error code AE.

Check Garbage Disposer

Ensure that the garbage disposer is properly installed on your LG dishwasher.

Did you just recently replace the garbage disposer on your dishwasher?

Remember that the new disposer comes with a plug at the drain tube, which is to be removed before use. This is a widespread mistake committed by new dishwasher users

Check Moisture at Bottom of Dishwasher

Almost all the dishwashers have sophisticated water leakage prevention system at the bottom. If it detects small amount of water, it triggers the error code and stops dishwasher from further operation until the problem is resolved.

Since this circuit is at the bottom of the dishwasher, there is the possibility that some moisture might have accumulated in that circuit which might have caused the problem.

If you still have issues with your LG dishwasher, contact LG customer support or call them at 1-850-999-4934 or 800-243-0000. They are available Monday to Sunday, 8AM to 9PM (EST).

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