How to Reset Whirlpool Dishwasher Machine (Quickest Way)

Most of the time, the annoying issue on your Whirlpool dishwasher can be fixed by simply resetting it.

This guide explains the quickest and easiest method to reset your Whirlpool dishwasher.

Whirlpool Dishwasher

When do you need to reset your Whirlpool Dishwasher?

As is the case with almost all electronic devices, dishwasher programs can sometimes perform abnormally, which can be either due to some phantom issue or a real problem. If the cause is phantom, it can be easily fixed by dishwasher reset.

However, if there is some error code displayed on your dishwasher, then it requires proper troubleshooting.

Such error codes are normally shown on screen when you do not perform routine cleaning of your Whirlpool dishwasher components such as filters or drains. This leads to dishwasher filters getting clogged, and ultimately becomes the cause of activating the sensors.

Steps to Reset Your Whirlpool Dishwasher

Unfortunately, the Whirlpool dishwasher does not have a dedicated Reset button, so you have to manually reset it by performing a few steps.

Before proceeding with resetting your dishwasher, make sure that your dishwasher is not in operational i.e. in the washing cycle.

Once it is ensured that the dishwasher is idle, follow the steps below to reset it:

  1. If your dishwasher is connected with electricity through a connection in a wall outlet, then simply disconnect it from there by unplugging it.
  2. Keep the Whirlpool dishwasher disconnected for approximately 1 minute (60 seconds).
  3. After 1 minute, reconnect your dishwasher to its electrical power source and turn it on.

That’s it.