Samsung Dryer HE Error Code – How to Fix it

HE Error Code on Samsung’s dryer implies an issue with the machine’s inability to pass the heat efficiently to the drum, where the laundry is located. This simply means that the laundry won’t be dried up as you would have expected it to be.


In this article we will discuss the causes and the solutions for fixing the error code DE on Samsung dryer.


Causes of Error Code HE:

  • Malfunctioning Control Unit
  • Unwanted Activation of Protective Temperature Regulator
  • Defective Temperature Fuse
  • Issues with Tubular Heating Element
  • Clogged Drainage
  • Issue with the Fan

Types of Modern Dryers:

The modern dryers come in two types – Gas and Electrical.

If you have an electrical dryer, you will see a toggle switch on the house enclosure. Make sure to turn it on. Next, you have to check the wiring around the heating element and make sure that it behaves normally.

In case you own the dryer of gas type, make sure to open the isolating valve. Next, turn off the machine and inspect its connections. Make sure that the connections are intact and working as they should. If this seems complicated, seek a professional’s help.

Solutions for Fixing Error Code HE on Samsung Dryer:

Below are the solutions for getting rid of the error code HE.

Resetting the Machine:

Sometimes, the error is displayed on the screen due to a glitch in the system. You can simply get rid of it just by restarting the machine. Here’s how:

  • Turn off the dryer. Take its plug out.
  • Wait at least a minute before turning it on again.

If this doesn’t do it, proceed with the other solutions.

Malfunctioning Control Unit:

You have to enter into service mode to check the control unit.

  • Hold down the ‘Signal’ and ‘Temperature’ buttons for 3 seconds while turning the dryer on. You will hear 3 beeping sounds.
  • On the panel, you will the sensor data.
  • From there, disable the dryer.
  • Run the dryer again after 1 minute.

Unwanted Activation of Protective Temperature Regulator:

The protective temperature regulator is responsible to shut down the drying process in case the machine exceeds its temperature limit. Sometimes, this can be activated accidentally due to a lot of clothes being put in the dryer at the same time. So, you need to run a test cycle with normal amount of clothes.

Defective Temperature Fuse:

The temperature fuse regulates the temperature inside the machine. Depending on the model, it is either located at the heating point or the blast blower of the dryer. In the case of a gas dryer, it will be located on the burner. When it is exposed to high temperatures, it can get damaged. Once it gets damaged, the dryer cannot work normally. You should check its validity by inspecting its resistance. In case it gets complicated, call a technician.

Issues with Tubular Heating Element:

If the tubular heating element is defective, it might result in the display of the error code HE on the Samsung Dryer. Here’s how you can check its validity:

  • Use a circuit analyzer to check the validity of the tubular heating element circuit.
  • Set the analyzer’s knob at the lowest position on the Ohm’s scale.
  • To check the connector terminals, use prods.
  • The reading should be between 10-50 Ohms, otherwise the component is defective.
  • In this case, you have to replace this component.
  • Also, check and clean the fan and the air ducts.

Clogged Drainage:

You have to make sure that the drainage of the washer has been cleaned thoroughly. This can lead to the laundry not being dried properly. Check the nozzles and hose and properly clean them. Also, clean the associated components as well.

Issue with the Fan:

The fan is responsible for throwing hot air towards the drum. So, if the fan has any issues, the drum will not get hot air to dry the laundry with, Hence the HE code appears on the display.

For this reason, you have to locate the fan and lubricate it. Make sure to use an appropriate lubricant for this purpose. Also, use a circuit analyzer to detect the issues in the circuit. In this case, you should seek a professional’s help.

These were the causes and the solutions for fixing HE error code on Samsung Dryer. Hopefully, your issues gets resolved as soon as possible.