Samsung Washer Error Code U6 – Causes and Solutions

In this guide, you will learn the main causes of error code U6 on Samsung washing machines along with easy solutions to fix it!

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About Error Code U6 on Samsung Washers

Error Code U6 on Samsung Washing machines is caused by many different issues, but mainly this error occurs when there is an imbalance in its drum.

The drum of a Samsung washing machine is the biggest bulk inside the washer, and it can get unbalanced while spinning at high speed. This causes the Samsung washing machine to enter Error Code U6 state and display this code on its digital screen. When you observe this code flashing on your washer’s display panel, immediately stop using it until it is properly fixed.

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Causes of U6 Error Code in Samsung Washing Machines

Here are some reasons why Samsung Washing Machines flash Error Code U-6:

  1. Water is not enough during the filling tub.
  2. Water is leaking into its motor compartment due to a faulty seal or door gasket.
  3. Machine not spinning your clothes and sheets long enough to remove all water from them.
  4. Machine Spinning your clothes too fast which causes imbalance in drum.

4 Methods to Fix Error Code U6 on Samsung Washers

These are some methods that will help you fix/repair Samsung Washers with Error code U-6:

Method One: Clean Out The Drain Line

If the washer fills with water but does not pump the water out, it’s likely an obstruction in the drain line (or pump failure).

Step # 1: You’ll need to first secure a pair of rubber gloves and place them on to protect your hands from any harmful chemicals or debris that may be in there.

Step # 2: Next grab a rag and begin by cleaning out the drain hose itself; make sure that all debris is removed from within this area.

Step # 3: Once complete, look at where the hose attaches to your home’s sewer pipe (the actual pipe that goes into the main sewer line of your home). If you see any blockage there, remove it.

Step # 4: Afterwards, run a cycle on the washer to see if the machine works properly.

Method Two: Check The Water Level Switch (if applicable)

Samsung Washing Machines have two different water level sensors. First is the Liquid Sensor which detects whether there is enough water in its drum to efficiently wash clothes; second is an Air Gap Safety Switch that prevents a washer from filling with water unless it has first been disconnected from the water source.

If either of these two sensors are broken, your washer will not fill with water and the error code U6 will be displayed on your control panel.

Method Three: Check The Water Inlet Hoses Connection(s)

Check to make sure that there is no leaking from the toilet (if applicable), dishwasher, or any other appliances in your laundry room that use water using this method:

  1. Turn off all pumps within the Samsung Washer (use a small rag to depress them if needed).
  2. Disconnect both hoses leading into the Samsung Washer .
  3. Fill up a large glass with water and pour it into the Samsung Washer’s top inlet hole (you’ll need to do this quickly because once the taps are turned back on, if there is still water within your washer, it will gush out of its inlet holes).
  4. If any water pours from either hose connections then you have an issue and need to repair it. I suggest calling a plumber for help in this matter.

Method FOUR (If the MCB is too expensive): Reset The MCB

Although method one through three are ways for you to fix error code U6 yourself, if it’s just not working or the cost of replacing your MCB is too expensive then there is still a way to reset your machine.

However it should be noted that this will only work if you have not installed/changed any other parts within the washer itself. Here are the steps:

  1. Disconnect power from washing machine and turn off water supply
  2. Remove both hoses leading into washer
  3. Open back panel of washer so all controls are exposed
  4. Locate the MCB and unplug it
  5. Wait at least 90 seconds to let the machine reset
  6. Plug back in MCB, hoses, and turn on water supply

I’d also like to note that if your Samsung Washer is model number WF56H9100AW, WA40J500AWXAA or WA70K7610W you will not be able to reset it (but instead must contact Samsung Tech Support).