Samsung Washer Error Code U6 – Causes and Solutions

In this guide, you will learn the main causes of error code U6 on Samsung washing machines along with easy solutions to fix it!

Causes of Error Code U6 on Samsung Washers

Error Code U6 on Samsung Washing machines is caused by many different issues, but mainly this error occurs when your Samsung washer cannot spin due to drum imbalance.

The drum of a Samsung washing machine is the biggest bulk inside the washer, and it can get unbalanced while spinning at high speed. This causes the Samsung washing machine to enter Error Code U6 state and display this code on its digital screen.

When you observe this code flashing on your washer’s display panel, immediately stop using it until it is properly fixed.

How to Fix Samsung Washer U6 Code

Here’s how to fix U6 code on Samsung washer: First, balance the load on your washer. Also, check the water supply and make sure it is un-interrupted. You may also need to inspect the drain pump.

Don’t worry. I will explain the above solutions in detail. However, here are some words of caution:

If your Samsung washing machine is under warranty, I recommend contacting Samsung support and asking for advice. Unfortunately, opening your Samsung washer will void its warranty in most cases, so leave it as a last option.

Before you begin troubleshooting, try to reset your Samsung washer.

Balance the Load

Another common cause of the Samsung washer U6 code is the uneven load. Remember, each washer has a specific capacity beyond or below which it cannot operate.

It is essential to ensure the load is balanced correctly and the washer adequately loaded. Try removing some clothes from your washer and try again.

Similarly, if it has only a few items, add more clothes and then try again.

Check Water Supply

Almost all washers not only require a continuous water supply, but they should be at the recommended pressure. If there is an issue with the water supply, your washer will display U6 error code.

So, ensure that your home water supply is OK. Also, inspect your washer water inlet hose and water inlet valve and make sure they are operative.

Check the Drain Pump

A faulty or clogged drain pump can also cause U6 code on Samsung washers. As its name suggests, the drain pump is the central part responsible for draining the water from the washer.

If your Samsung washing machine is under warranty, then you can get the drain pump replaced for free. However, if its warranty period is over, you will have to contact a repair technician to inspect and fix it for you.

If you are confident in your electrical DIY skill, refer to the steps in the video below to inspect and unclog the drain pump of your washing machine:


When your Samsung washing machine displays u6 code, here’s how to fix it:

  • Reset your Samsung washing machine
  • Balance the load in the washer
  • Check the water supply
  • Check the drain pump

If you still have issues with your Samsung washing machine, contact Samsung support or call them at +1-800-726-7864. You could also reach out to them on Twitter.

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