Siemens Dishwasher Error Code E15 – Easy Solution to Fix

The error code E15 on Siemens Dishwasher indicates the activation of Aquastop system in the machine. The Aquastop system is activated in the case of overflow of water into the machine.


Others factors like malfunctioning water level sensor, or issues with the hosepipe or the drain filter can also lead to this issue.

If you have used the detergent in excessive quantity, it can also cause this issue, as it might have created a lot of foaming inside the machine.

Fixing the Error Code E15

The first thing that you need to do is to reboot the device, as the error might have been caused due to a glitch in the system. If this doesn’t work, then the error might have been caused due to the leakage. For this purpose:

  1. Turn off the machine and disconnect it from the mains.
  2. Pull the machine out, to let the water run out easily. If the water runs out in excessive quantity, it means the machine is facing a mechanical error.
  3. Check the tray under the dishwasher, if it is dry, it means the electric components might be faulty.
  4. Proceed by disassembling the lid and the back panel of the machine, this will lead you to the tray and the detergent section.
  5. Now run a test cycle, but be very careful as the machine is not properly assembled.
  6. Now analyze where the leakage is taking place and repair/replace the malfunctioning part.
  7. Also, check the water level sensor (with a multimeter) and its contacts. If it is burnt-out, consider cleaning it or replacing it.
  8. check the pressostat as well.
  9. If you still haven’t found the issue, then you need to check the main module with a multimeter. In this case, it is better to seek a professional’s help.

That’s it.