Fix Samsung Dishwasher Flashing Error Code LC

Getting error code LC on your Samsung dishwasher? Worry not.

This guide explain what causes this error and how to fix it.

Basically, your Samsung dishwasher will flash an LC error code when the leak sensor inside the dishwasher suspects the presence of moisture.

Samsung Dishwasher Error Code LC

Here’s how to fix error code LC on Samsung dishwashers:

  • Check the dishwasher thermostat
  • Check the garbage disposer
  • Clean the dishwasher sprayer arms

If your dishwasher is under warranty, the easiest solution would be to contact Samsung customer support for a replacement. Unfortunately, in most cases, opening your dishwasher will void its warranty.

Check Dishwasher Thermostat

The faulty thermostat on your dishwasher will turn off your Samsung dishwasher at the wrong temperature, and display LC error code. First, unplug your dishwasher from the power outlet to check the thermostat.

I’d recommend that you call a certified technician for help. However, if you are an experienced technician and have prior experience of repairing electrical appliances, only then proceed with inspecting the dishwasher thermostat.

Check the Garbage Disposer

Ensure that the garbage disposer is properly installed on your Samsung dishwasher.

If you have just installed the garbage disposer, remember that the new disposer comes with a plug at the drain tube, which is to be removed before use.

Clean the Dishwasher Spray Arms

As its name suggests, the spray arms on the Samsung dishwasher are responsible for circulating water on the dishes. They have small holes which does the spraying function.

If they are clogged, they won’t spray the water and triggers LC error code.

Inspect the spray arm holes and see if they are clogged or not. You can clean them with a toothpick or small needle if they are clogged.


I hope that after following above methods, you will be able to fix error code LC on your Samsung dishwasher.

If you still have issues with your Samsung dishwasher, contact Samsung customer support or call them at 1-800-726-7864.

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