Fix Samsung Dishwasher Flashing Error Code LC

Being a Samsung dishwasher owner, if you get a flashing LC error code, there is no need to panic.

This error basically indicates water leakage and can be fixed very easily if it is not because of malfunctioning of any part of the dishwasher. Even sometimes, your Samsung dishwasher might display LC error code but there is no leak at all.

Let’s find out how!

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Reasons for Flashing Error Code LC

Basically, your Samsung dishwasher will flash an LC error code when the leak sensor inside the dishwasher suspects the presence of moisture or any water contents.

The main causes of this may be hot vapor entering the sensor area or some water leakage.

How to Fix Samsung Dishwasher Error Code LC in Easy Way

Before implementing of below solutions, please try to relax first, as you might take some wrong steps if in stressed. I do agree that dishwashers are very expensive appliances and you have got every reason to worry, but then again RELAX as worrying alone won’t fix the problem.

First and foremost: check out if there is actual leakage in your Samsung dishwasher. To check it, look inside the bottom of your dishwasher and see for water. If there is water present, then it is most likely that the dishwasher is actually leaking. In that case, it is advised to contact Samsung Dishwasher Support.

If there are no traces of water under your Samsung dishwasher, then the good news is that you can easily fix the error, as most chances are that your dishwasher is not actually leaking.

Solution # 01: Turn it Off

Turn off your Samsung dishwasher for 30 minutes and then remove the power from it by disconnecting it from the socket. After half hour, turn it on again. Through this, your dishwasher will be reset and hopefully, the error code lc will be gone now.

If the problem still persists, it is recommended to give the dishwasher sensor some time as if some moisture has got into it, it will be gone itself after some time.

Solution # 02: Check Detergent Overfill

If the detergent box is overfilled, the lc error code may appear. To fix it, simply check your dishwasher detergent box and remove the excess one. It is good practice to never completely fill the detergent cabinet on your dishwasher as it will be then prone to leakage.

Hopefully, the problem won’t persist after that. If it still, try out the 3rd solution.

Solution # 03: Check Garbage Disposal

Have you recently replaced the garbage disposal on your Samsung dishwasher and after that it is showing the lc error code? If so, you have found the main culprit behind this problem. If the garbage disposal is not properly attached to the dishwasher, the lc error code will not go away.

So to fix it, check if the garbage disposal cap is properly removed and also check for its proper installation.

Let us know if you have any questions or query related to error code lc on your Samsung dishwasher and the above solutions does not fix it. We will try to get back with the detailed response at the earliest.