Bosch Washing Machine Start Button Not Working/Flashing? Try these FIXES

Is your Bosch washing machine start button not working? The good news is that this issue is usually temporary, and you can easily fix it yourself.

This guide explains why your Bosch washer button won’t work and how to troubleshoot it.

Bosch Washing Machine Start Button Not Working or Flashing

Here’s how to fix your Bosch washing machine whose start button is unresponsive or it is flashing: First, disable the Child Lock. If this does not work, then reset your Bosch washer.

Don’t worry. I will explain the above solutions in detail. However, before you proceed, here are some words of caution:

If your Bosch washer is under warranty, I recommend contacting Bosch support and asking for advice. Unfortunately, opening your Bosch washer will void its warranty in most cases, so leave it as a last option.

Disable Child Lock

Washer Child Lock

The latest Bosch washing machines have a child lock, a safety feature. When the child lock is activated, it prevents the accidental start of the wash cycle.

If the child lock is engaged on your Bosch washer, it will be displayed on its display with a child lock icon flashing.

To disable Child Lock, press and hold the Child Lock button for a few seconds until its icon stops flashing.

Reset your Washing Machine

Resetting Washer

Resetting your Bosch washer will restore factory settings, which can fix many annoying and random errors, such as a non-responsive start button.

So, try resetting your Bosch washer. If this does not help, move on to the next method.

Faulty Control Board

Washer Control Board

As its name suggests, the control board is the brain of electronic washers. If the control board of your Bosch washing malfunctions, it will not even receive power. Thus none of its buttons will work, including the start button.

The control board is inside the washing machine, so you must disconnect your Bosch washer from the power source before accessing it.

If your Bosch washer is under warranty, do not attempt to inspect or replace the control board yourself, as it will void its warranty.


When your Bosch washing machine start button is unresponsive or is flashing, try the following solutions to fix it:

  • Disable the child lock
  • Reset your washing machine
  • Check the washer control board
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