Frigidaire Dishwasher Touchpad Not Working (Try these FIXES)

Did you find that your Frigidaire dishwasher touchpad or buttons are not working? Well, I agree that this can be a very frustrating issue.

Luckily, I have found various solutions to troubleshoot your Frigidaire dishwasher buttons/touchpad and get it back to work.

Frigidaire Dishwasher Buttons Not Working

If your Frigidaire dishwasher buttons or touchpad are not working, you need to power cycle it. To do that, First, unplug your dishwasher from the power outlet and wait for 5 minutes. After completing 5 minutes, plug your Frigidaire dishwasher back in.

If this does not resolve the issue, try the additional fixes detailed below:

If your dishwasher is under warranty, the easiest solution would be to contact Frigidaire support and ask for advice. Unfortunately, opening your dishwasher will void its warranty in most cases, so leave it as a last option.

Clean the Buttons

One of the most common reasons your Frigidaire dishwasher buttons stop responding is dirt buildup. With time, the buttons or touchpad area catches grease, dirt, and moisture, which causes them to malfunction.

Carefully clean the buttons, but make sure the water does not get penetrated inside the circuit.

Disable the Child Lock

Most Frigidaire dishwashers come with a child lock that prevents children from starting or stopping the dishwasher.

Your Frigidaire dishwasher buttons won’t work when the child lock is enabled. So make sure the child lock is turned off to start your dishwasher.

Replace the Touchpad

If none of the above works, then perhaps the touchpad of your dishwasher is faulty.

If your Frigidaire dishwasher is under warranty, contact Frigidaire support, and they will replace or repair your dishwasher touchpad.


When your Frigidaire dishwasher buttons or touchpad is not working, try the following troubleshooting methods to fix it:

  • Clean buttons
  • Disable the child lock
  • Replace the touchpad

If you still have issues with your Frigidaire dishwasher, contact Frigidaire support or call them at +1-800-374-4432. They are available Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 8pm (EST).

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