Easily Fix LG Front Loader Washer that is Not Spinning

When the LG front loader washing machine does not spin, it is for various reasons.

This guide explains several proven fixes to help you troubleshoot your LG front loader washer when it isn’t spinning.

LG Front Load Washer Not Spinning

Here’s how to fix your LG front loader washer when it isn’t spinning: First, check the water supply. If the water flow is OK, check the child lock and disable it if it’s enabled. Also, ensure the load is balanced, the door is closed correctly, and the washer timer is not faulty.

Don’t worry. I will explain the above solutions in detail. However, before you proceed, here are some words of caution:

If your LG washing machine is under warranty, I recommend contacting LG support and asking for advice. Unfortunately, opening your LG washer will void its warranty in most cases, so leave it as a last option.

Check Water Supply

Almost all washers not only require a continuous water supply, but they should be at the recommended pressure. If there is an issue with the water supply, your front loader washer won’t spin.

So, ensure that your home water supply is OK. Also, inspect your washer water inlet hose and water inlet valve and make sure they are operative.

Disable Child Lock

The latest LG washing machines come with a child lock, a safety feature. When the child lock is activated, it prevents the accidental start of the wash cycle.

If the child lock is engaged on your LG front load washer, it will be displayed on its display. So, disable the child lock and then try to rerun the wash cycle.

Balance the Load

Another common cause of LG front loader washer not spinning is the uneven load. Remember, each washer has a specific capacity beyond or below which it cannot operate.

It is essential to ensure the load is balanced correctly and the washer adequately loaded. Try removing some clothes from your washer and try again.

Similarly, if it has only a few items, add more clothes and then try again.

Check the Door Latch Switch

The door latch on the LG front-loading washing machine is designed to prevent the door from opening during the wash cycle.

If the door is not closed correctly, the washer safety system stops it from operating. When the door is closed, a feedback switch sends a signal to the washer control board. If this switch is faulty, no matter if the door is closed, your LG washer won’t spin.

The door latch switch is located beneath the control board on LG front loader washing. So if your washer is under warranty, do not try to test it yourself as it will void its warranty.

Even if your washer warranty period is over, I’d recommend seeking a professional help to test or replace the door latch switch on your LG front loader washer.

Check the Washer Timer

If your LG washing machine is automatic or semi-automatic, its functions depend on the timer. The washer controller is programmed as per your set washing cycle instructions.

If the timer on your LG front loader washer is faulty, it might prevent it from spinning or even starting.

Testing and replacing the washing machine timer is not something I’d recommend doing yourself, so always seek professional help.


When your LG front loader washing machine is not spinning, try the following solutions to fix it:

  • Check water supply
  • Disable child lock
  • Balance the load
  • Check the door latch switch
  • Check the washer timer

If you still have issues with your LG washer, contact LG customer support or call them at 1-850-999-4934 or 800-243-0000. They are available Monday to Sunday, 8AM to 9PM (EST).

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