How to Fix Samsung Washer Error Code SC

In this guide, we will cover common causes of SC error code on Samsung washers and discuss methods to fix it.

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Causes of Error Code SC on Samsung Washers

When Samsung washers are not used for an extended period of time, the machine may enter into a self-diagnostic cycle that detects water and heat in order to clean out any excess buildup of residue or mold. If the machine is unable to detect enough heat or water, it will alarm a SC error code as a result. The SC error code is also known as 5E or 5C error.

In addition, if the washer is unable to fill completely (ex: clothes are on spin) it may also result in a SC error code.

Apart from that, clog in the filter and drain may also be the cause of this error code. Clogs in the filter prevents water from flowing through it and in turn, causing pressure build-up that prevents proper drainage. Once again, clog in the drain is another possible cause of Samsung washer SC error code as it won’t drain correctly.

Lastly, failure of drain pump also triggers SC error in Samsung washers.

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Solution for Error Code SC on Samsung Washers

Once the cause of this error code is identified on Samsung washing machines, it’s time to troubleshoot and fix it!

Below are simple methods that can be followed in order to resolve the issue of error code SC with Samsung washers.

Since there are several causes for this error code, some steps may apply while others may not. Therefore, do not follow all the methods listed below but rather choose the ones that apply to your machine.

Solution # 1: Drain Cleaning

Ensure there’s no clog or any foreign material in your drain line/hose. Do this by checking it with a cloth, pipe cleaner, or other tool that you can insert into the hose and through the opening of the drain pump.

Solution # 2: Vacuum Filter

Clean the bottom of the filter with a vacuum cleaner or other suitable tool to remove any traces of dirt or debris stored in it. The more clogged your filter is, the harder your washer will have to work and the higher its temperature will be during operation.

Exercise caution when using a vacuum cleaner because the interior of your washer is hot and can cause scalding.

Solution # 3: Replace Drain Hose

If you find any evidence of clog or debris in your drain hose, replace it with a new one. Make sure to buy a replacement that’s compatible with your machine model and needs.

Solution # 4: Clean Drain Pump and Check for Obstructions

If your drain pump is clogged with gunk or food residue, you’ll need to remove the pump from its place and clean it out.

After doing so, test if the machine drains correctly by setting a load on normal cycle (no spin) and run it. If water flows through the pump without any problem then you’re good to go.

Solution # 5: Check and Clean the Water Inlet Hose

If your washer is unable to fill correctly due to clog in the water inlet hose, clean it out by removing its cover and cleaning it with a vacuum cleaner. If the water inlet hose is found to be clogged, replace it with a new one.

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Samsung washers are a great investment because they’re energy efficient and durable. However, if you experience an Error Code SC on your Samsung Washer, don’t worry! With these simple troubleshooting methods, it’s easy to fix error SC or 5C or 5E in no time at all.