How to Fix LG Dishwasher Won’t Turn On

If you are wondering why your LG Dishwasher won’t turn on, don’t worry as we have covered certain causes and the solutions to this issue that will help you get rid of this problem. Let’s get started.


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Causes and Solutions for LG Dishwasher Won’t Start:

There are a number of reasons that can lead to this issue.

Check the Power:

The first thing that you need to do is to check if the machine is getting power or not. Simply inspect the connection or plug/unplug to make sure that there are no issues there. Make sure the connection is sound.

Also, make sure that the thermal fuse of the dishwasher has not blown off. In that case, replace it with a new one before running the machine again.

Child Lock:

Child lock is a safety method that protects the children from accessing the machine on their own. In order to learn how to enable/disable child lock on your LG dishwasher, refer to the user’s manual.

In order to turn off the child lock, you simply have to hold down the child lock button for at least a few seconds. For the confirmation, a dash will be displayed on the screen, letting you know that the child lock has been disabled.

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Door Latches and Switches:

Door Latch/Switches keeps the door in its place once the washing cycle starts. If these components malfunction, the LG dishwasher won’t start operating. To make sure that this not causing the issue, inspect the door latches and the switches thoroughly.

The door switch or the latch will be located at the top of the dishwasher. Check its validity using a multimeter, once you have plugged off the dishwasher.

Selector Switch:

Selector switch lets the user choose a specific type of washing cycle. If this switch doesn’t work as it is supposed to do, or if the option has not been selected properly, it can result in the issue of the LG dishwasher not starting.

  • Using a multimeter, check the switch’s validity, while holding down the switch button.
  • Also, make sure that only one button is pressed during this time.

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Malfunctioning Drive Motor:

If the machine is not running in any case, then the motor might be malfunctioning. The motor might have gotten damaged in some way. This motor is responsible for the circulation of water inside, that is used to clean the dishes.

So, if the motor is not running properly, then it will lead to this issue. If your hear unusual sounds, this might be an indication of a faulty drive motor. Consider replacing the drive motor in this case.

Issues with the Timer:

The timer of the washer manages the time of wash cycles. If any issue happens to this timer, the dishwasher will have a hard time figuring out how to manage the period of its washing cycle.

Inspect this component thoroughly. If the issue seems to be with this component, then consider replacing it.

Water Supply:

Make sure that there not leaks in your dishwasher. Check the water valves and hose to make sure that they are intact and there is no leakage. In the case of any issues with these components, it is better to seek a professional’s help.